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Jo Clarke – Inner Space Works

Welcome to Inner Space Works.

I offer mindfulness training to individuals and organisations that can be used in a practical way to increase self-awareness, which can help to prevent burnout and increase resilience.

On a personal level, mindfulness training offers you the skills to self-manage emotional reactions. Mindfulness can help to self-regulate the mind and body’s response to stress, distress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

People who have benefitted from completing an MBSR course are:
NHS Consultants, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals,
HSBC Project Managers and Leadership Team members,
Various departments and Leadership Teams at Grand Union Housing,
DfT (Department for Transport),
COOs, CEOs, Project Managers and Senior Managers,
Human Beings!

When there’s so much going on with pressures at work and responsibilities at home, it’s easy to get bogged down in the negative and often the good stuff goes unnoticed and passes us by. The mind becomes cluttered and full and our behaviour can sometimes have a dramatic impact on our health and on those around us.

We can very easily get caught up in ‘automatic pilot’, behaving and reacting to events in unhelpful ways rather than having the space to choose how to respond. But what about the pleasant things? Have you taken the time to notice them? Or, is everything moving too fast for you too really see the good, feel the joy and to embrace life?

Mindfulness is a sustainable approach that offers life-long skills and strategies that can help to reduce stress and build resilience. Mindfulness practice supports us to become aware of and to change habits and behaviours that are no longer of benefit to us. By opening and freeing the mind, becoming more aware and capable of choosing your response, you can develop strong, considered and creative thinking.

I have trained with Bangor University, The Mindfulness Association, and regularly attend CPD courses with The Oxford Mindfulness Centre. I also attend retreats to deepen and broaden my mindfulness practice and to enrich my life.

I have a professional supervisor, who supports my practice as a mindfulness teacher (Registered with the Mindfulness Network CIC) and I am fully insured.

I am also a training in Person-Centred Counselling / Psychotherapy. I take my own well-being and the well-being of others very seriously. Life can be tough at times, so finding someone who you can trust, to support and teach you practical tools, can lead to an improvement in the way you self-manage and navigate your way through challenging life situations.

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