Testimonials for Mindfulness courses. If you are considering attending a course with me, read on!

People come to learn Mindfulness for a variety of reasons; some are looking for ways to self-manage stress in the workplace,

Other people are looking for strategies to support them with anxiety and depression, to help prevent the recurring cycle.

Mindfulness can teach you ways to self-manage your physical and emotional reactions. But, don’t take our word for it!

The following testimonials give you an idea of the positive feedback I have received about the way I teach and, the benefits of mindfulness training and having a regular mindfulness practice.

Participants of MBSR Courses:

Having read a few mindfulness books I just wasn’t getting the whole mindfulness thing […] Jo is very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people to help themselves through sharing the content she has developed in an easy to understand way. I’ve now completed an eight week programme and have a toolkit that I can use on an ongoing basis to help me on my mindfulness journey.”

“I began mindfulness training with the intention to learn to better control my temper and reduce stress levels. Within a few weeks of meeting with Jo, both myself and those close to me, could already see a huge change in my behaviour.
I immediately took to the mindfulness exercises and they became an important part of my daily routine. As I progressed through the programme, I began to open up more about my struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. Jo is easy to talk to and helped me to confront my anxiety using various mindfulness exercises and through conversation during the sessions.
The course has helped me become headstrong and better prepared to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. I am now a much calmer person, with the ability to control my temper and think more rationally.
Mindfulness has taught me how to fully experience the present, to slow down and enjoy the now. Jo is an excellent mindfulness coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in mindfulness.”

“I attended a Mindfulness Course led by Jo, and can definitely recommend working with Jo to anyone considering taking part. Thanks to Jo and the Mindfulness course, I learnt a lot about my thoughts, my worries, how to handle them and deal with the inevitable stresses of life that we cannot avoid, but can now plan for and know how to ease and lessen the negative impact when it affects me. I’ve been able to recognise the signs of stress and worry in my life, be aware of how I react to them and what I need to do to help me avoid or deal with them. I know now how to manage my thoughts, my breathing, listen to my body, how to understand the grounding method, and to the benefits of taking time out just for myself. Jo really does care about what she does, about you as a participant, how you feel, what your concerns and worries are, and how she can help you to use Mindfulness as part of your regular routine.”

“Gently eye (and mind) opening, Jo introduced exercises and disciplines that had initially small effects but built collectively into something compelling, affective and rewarding. I work in a pressured environment and used to battle blindly through stressful situations, not realising how worked up I was and how much it was impacting my ability to work effectively. Since learning the mindfulness exercises with Jo, I am now able to recognise when things are getting too much and head off a really bad day, by taking time out to quickly check-in with myself, have a short 10 minute practice and then continue with renewed energy and clarity of thought. I find I use the practical mindfulness meditation exercises throughout my day; on the train, in a quiet corner of the office, before I get up in the morning and before I go to sleep at night. It’s a small investment with far reaching impacts for me and I’d thoroughly recommend Jo’s approach and teaching to anyone looking to discover how mindfulness can work for them.”

MBSR Graduates who regularly attend the online top-up sessions:

“Usually when focussing on difficult situations that are coming up or have past, my mind races but this reflection felt a lot more controlled and my difficult situation ended up feeling a lot more manageable.”

I truly think that it’s through practicing mindfulness that I am able to look at these situations in a different way and recognising that the feeling is a feeling, not who I am as a person.

“I really enjoyed it tonight. It felt much-needed. I’ve not been giving myself as much time for my meditations recently, so I need to get back into my previous habits, as I notice now when I’ve not allowed myself enough time for it.”

Participants of Mindfulness Workshops & Retreats:

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  I was originally skeptical, but I came out of Jo’s sessions feeling relaxed and stress free, with my mind totally uncluttered.  This is a beneficial technique I will definitely use going forward.”

“I enjoyed a very relaxing 2 hour in the company of Jo, my daughter and best friend learning and practicing the art of Mindfulness. Before the session, I confess that I didn’t really know what to expect or what Mindfulness was all about and I felt a bit apprehensive and not convinced that it would be for me, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy I found it to ‘switch’ off and before I knew it, the session was over! After each segment, we talked about how we felt and what we had experienced, as each time, I found it had affected me in different ways. Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is curious about Mindfulness, as I was, or just wants some peaceful ‘me’ time. Thank you, Jo. I will keep practicing!”

I found the session very useful came away relaxed and happy. The breathing exercises were helpful specially with the sound how different sounds affect me. The exercises at the end walking and stretches were brilliant really made me realise how we don’t take time to embrace the simple movements. The poems were brilliant. Thank so much for helping me to realise that that it’s OK to take time out and embrace life. Love the singing bowl too.”

Coronavirus daily mindfulness sessions

” For me, I’ve been struggling a lot lately, because of pre-existing ‘issues’ and this current situation has been heightening all of that. It got so bad that I sought out extra help by seeing a counsellor, but alongside that, I’ve continued with my mindfulness practice every day. I make sure I meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. I find it really helps to just give yourself that time, and just breathe, and let the thoughts come and go. But I also get a lot of benefit from the online sessions with you. I find it helps when someone else is prompting you, such as where to focus the attention etc, and with doing different types of meditation, that maybe I wouldn’t have done on my own. I also enjoy the quotes you read, and your words of advice and encouragement. After a virtual session with you I feel very calmed and relaxed, and more positive. “

“Thank you so much for this evening. In this unknown world it is hard to maintain mindfulness practice and the session this evening has reminded me I have the tools inside me to help myself get through this. The face to face practice was also nice to connect with others in a friendly supportive safe environment. At the beginning of the session I did not feel like doing anything and I have been finding it hard to motivate myself to do practices and maintaining a route in these uncertain times is difficult. After the practice I felt confident I can use these skills I have learnt in the 8 week MBSR course. I just needed a reminder that I know what to do and to settle myself again. Within the practice I began to relax and understand the thoughts and feelings I am feeling, I have a way of processing these. Mindfulness is my reset button. When I feel everything is getting too much I use it. I need gentle reminders that this day to day will help me.”

“I really enjoyed the Zoom session. I wasn’t sure if it would work for me as I’m not used to Zoom etc but I loved it and I felt very much part of the group as if we were all actually in the room. You handled the session brilliantly and it was very calming and relaxing.”

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the workshops, retreats and courses. Your testimonials are incredibly valuable.