What’s the MBSR Course?

“MBSR” stands for Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

The MBSR course teaches you how to recognise stress in yourself and others, enabling you to self-manage and self-regulate the body’s response to stress. The programme introduces you to practical ways of looking after your well-being and to manage your stress levels.

Mindfulness training can teach you how to create an internal space in the mind and body, among all the mind clutter and the busy-ness of every day life. Once you know how to create an internal space, you can take more control of your thoughts and emotions and choose how you respond, particularly in difficult and stressful situations.

We provide Stress Management programmes to companies that are interested in supporting the well-being of their employees. The benefit of completing the programme is increased resilience, reduced absenteeism and improved working relationships.

Structured Training Programme

The course is structured as an 8-week programme, allowing time for you to practice, reflect and process each week’s module;

  1. Awareness: Recognising Autopilot Mode
  2. Perception: How we view ourselves, others & the world
  3. Mindfulness: Shifting out of ‘thinking mode’
  4. Stress: Coping mechanisms & strategies
  5. Stress: Reaction or Mindful Response?
  6. Communication
  7. Lifestyle Choices
  8. Integrating Mindfulness

We offer Mindfulness Workshops, Mindfulness Courses and 1-2-1 Mindfulness training programmes for individuals who are looking for a way to self-regulate and self-manage stress levels, particularly during challenging times.

What are the benefits or an 8-week MBSR course?

The benefits of the scientifically researched Stress Management Programme include:

  • A reduction in your stress levels
  • A greater sense of well-being
  • An increased level of overall work and life satisfaction
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Increased self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Higher levels of personal resilience
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Increased concentration and attention span
  • Lower levels of reactivity/ impulsiveness
  • A greater capacity to hold and manipulate information
  • Reduced levels of psychological distress, including depression and anxiety

Structured MBSR Courses

The Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course is the Gold Standard, foundation of all Mindfulness training.

The additional benefits of training on a 1-2-1 basis with Jo Clarke of Inner Space Works, is that we can schedule the appointment times to suit you and, as we know how busy life can get and how things can change at the last minute, we add flexibility to the mix, to alleviate any additional pressure.

We are currently offering this course via Zoom video conferencing, which means you can training with us wherever you are in the world.

The commitment we ask of you, is that you complete all 8 sessions of the course. The value of committing and completing the course, is that you will have followed the structure from beginning to end, which of itself can feel like an accomplishment and, the course was created in such a way that by session 8, you will feel have integrated mindfulness into your life.

This course has also been scientifically researched and proven to help people to self-manage Workplace Stress, Life Stress, Anxiety, Depression and physical pain.

You will gain from the course as much as you put in. You may never feel as though you have time, so making time is important.

Stress Management Programme in the Workplace

Tailor-made programmes are available for businesses and organisations wanting to introduce mindfulness in the workplace – If you are a Senior Manager or Leader within a corporate business or charitable organisation where you think people would benefit from a mindfulness workshop or course as part of your Well-being Programme, we offer an initial free consultation to discuss your requirements and for us to create a Mindfulness-based training programme, specifically designed to suit your needs. If you are completely in the dark about Mindfulness and how it might help you personally or professionally, please contact Jo to book a free consultation. 

Learn how to step out of ‘thinking’ mode and discover an alternative way of being; supporting your communication, concentration, well-being and resilience. Book an Introductory Workshop

Take a step towards improving your own and your team’s well-being.