Mindfulness Videos

What can you gain from attending an 8-week mindfulness course with Inner Space Works?

Mindfulness and the fight, flight or freeze response

Mindful Movement – Qi Gong

This video demonstrates simple exercises that can be used to develop mindful movement.

Running on autopilot – Reactivity

This video explains a common experience for us humans – Being reactive to someone else’s behaviour. Whether at work or at home, we can be affected by different words, feelings and actions by other people. Have you ever noticed that driving can bring out the worst in us? Learning to stay present in the most challenging situations can be useful as we can choose how to respond rather than reacting automatically with rage or anger.

Thoughts are not facts

This short video explains how thoughts are not facts, differentiating between facts and opinions. Mindfulness practice can help us to see that thoughts are not facts and that we can choose the types of thoughts we focus on or let go of.