Mindfulness is a Superpower

Increasing your self-awareness can be useful as you will have the power to recognise when you have been triggered and prevent yourself from reacting in a negative or hot-headed way.

Perhaps think about a time when you reacted full-force to something that someone had said. Did your reaction help or exacerbate the situation? Mindfulness can help to eliminate the pressure of having to react immediately, learning to choose how to respond with wisdom.

This video explains a common experience for us humans – Being reactive to someone else’s behaviour. Whether at work or at home, we can be affected by different words, feelings and actions by other people.

Do you recognise any of these issues?

  • Have you ever found yourself at work, unable to concentrate because of office distractions and interruptions?
  • Or perhaps over-reacting to people and emails that wind you up?
  • Maybe you find yourself at home at the weekend, gnawing away at something that has happened during the week?

Rumination, reactions and constant stress triggers will have a negative effect on your mind, body and life, unless you have a method of taking time out, a step back to consider your response. This takes practice.

Mindfulness training can re-wire the brain and help you to feel in control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, which can lead to:

  • Increased concentration and attention span
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Lower levels of impulsivity
  • Higher levels of personal resilience

So, when you feel hot and bothered after receiving a negative email from a colleague, or you are surrounded by chatter and conversation, unable to concentrate, being able to turn to a quick 3- Step Breathing Space, Mindfulness Practice might be useful. This can be done discreetly, either at your desk, in your car, outside, in the bathroom, wherever you feel most comfortable.