Mindfulness in Milton Keynes

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
“Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?” ~ Lao Tzu

Mindfulness in Milton Keynes

Our next Mindfulness event in Milton Keynes is “Switch Off & Recharge!”

Jo Clarke will be running a day of mindfulness at Horwood House, Buckinghamshire on 28th June 2019. Learn more . The day is open to anyone who is interested in experiencing mindfulness to help manage stress, anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR)

Our next course will be announced soon for the Autumn.

We work with small groups to ensure a high quality of teaching. Therefore, places are limited, so it’s advisable to book as soon as possible.

It is advisable that you attend all 9 sessions to experience the full benefit of the course. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend a session, please let Jo know as soon as possible. If you miss more than two weeks, it is recommended that you choose to attend an alternative course.

If you have any questions, please contact Jo

Book your Mindfulness Course

To book your place, please click the Paypal button below to pay securely online. If you would rather pay by direct bank transfer, please contact JoMBSR Course TBC 2019 – Milton Keynes

This MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) course will be taught in 8 sessions, each consisting of 2 hours and one all-day practice session of 6 hours. The course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn practical tools and exercises to self-manage stress, anxiety and depression. Learning Mindfulness can lead to self-regulation of thoughts, emotions and feelings, which is scientifically proven to improve a sense of well-being. You will be provided with weekly handbooks and audio tracks that can be used throughout the course and to continue your practice after the course is complete. The MBSR is a foundation training for daily mindfulness practice and teaches you how mindfulness can be integrated into your life.

If you suffer with anxiety, stress, depression or physical pain, the MBSR course can help to increase self-awareness and gives us the practical tools to become less attached to thoughts, feelings and emotions. Mindfulness training helps to steady the mind, take a step back and to question our reactivity, giving us the opportunity and space to respond. By becoming more self-aware, we can learn how to self-manage our emotions and reactions to triggers.

People who have attended an 8 week-MBSR course have benefited from some or all of the following:

A reduction in:An increase in:
 – Stress levels – Levels of emotional intelligence increase
 – Health-related absenteeism – Interpersonal sensitivity
 – Levels of impulsivity (reactivity) – Levels of personal resilience
 – Levels of psychological distress, including depression and anxiety – Self-awareness and awareness of others
  – Enhanced communication skills
  – Concentration and attention span
  – The capacity to hold and manipulate information
  – Improved sleeping patterns
  – Levels of well-being and overall work and life satisfaction

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