Embracing an adventure into the unknown!

This is where I was yesterday! (No, I am not a football fan!)

It was such an incredible venue but possibly the least likely place to find a mindfulness consultant and practitioner!
However, I was invited to a launch day for a new corporate training programme with AndPartnership to give a presentation on Mindfulness in the Workplace.

Interesting Feedback There were 40 people in the audience and only 2 of them had ever practiced mindfulness meditation, dipping in and out of Apps and not really being able to commit to a regular practice. Their feedback was that although the Apps can be useful when you’re busy, they do not support you to keep a regular practice. What the Apps also do not offer, is the support of a practitioner or, the potential depth of learning that person-led courses can offer you. This is why the group mindfulness courses and 1-2-1 mindfulness training are the best way to learn the foundations of mindfulness.

What is so good about the MBSR Course? The 8 week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is specifically structured so that you not only learn a variety of mindfulness practices and how to integrate them into your daily life, but you learn about yourself, your behavioural patterns and your habits that can be unhelpful or harmful, which in turn, can lead to positive changes.

Why is Mindfulness needed within the workplace? Mindfulness is much needed in many workplace environments, particularly in the current climate of so much uncertainty, but often, people wait until something drastic happens, like physical exhaustion or burnout due to stress. Then it becomes about having to find ways to help yourself, rather than prevention.

Resistance & Denial Why are so many of us resistant to making changes within ourselves, unless we are given an absolute reason to, like an illness or burnout? And, why are so many of us in denial of there being anything ‘wrong’, ignoring and suppressing how we really feel about our life, job or circumstances?

Why is that? Well, pausing to ask ourselves how we really are, can be scary. But then, if you become curious about what it is you’re feel scared about, it often turns out that there’s nothing there, except a mixture of thoughts, feelings, emotions with all the layers that we have built up to protect ourselves over the years. Being curious can lead us towards more self-acceptance, acceptance of others, a letting go of unnecessary burdens and learning to deal with the negative self-talk, which is purely a habit that we can change.

Testimonial – What mindfulness training is really about! “Mindfulness training is so much more than just learning mindfulness meditation, it’s about self-discovery. I learnt things about myself that I never knew existed. As a result of attending the course, I am enjoying my life more!” ~ Anonymous participant of an 8 week course.