Online Mindfulness Meditation Group – ‘Top Up’

Once you have completed an MBSR course, it can be useful to attend a regular mindfulness meditation group. So, whether you have attended a course with us or somewhere else, you are welcome to join us.These 60 minute mindfulness sessions are via Zoom (video conferencing), which is easy to access. Once you have booked your place, we will email you a link that takes you directly to the meeting.

When you have completed an MBSR course, it can be difficult to find the time for formal daily mindfulness practice. Life takes over and often, we find ourselves reverting back to old patterns and behaviours, back onto autopilot. By attending a regular practice group, you put some time aside to reconnect with the practice and yourself. With meditation, we all have ‘beginners mind’, as each meditation is new and different and unique but it is important that we continue with the practice beyond the 8 week course. When practicing mindfulness meditation in a group setting you can feel supported and held within an emotionally safe environment. All MBSR graduates are welcome to join us for one or all of the sessions.

During the 60 minutes, we will practice & reflect on some of the following Mindfulness practices that you will have learnt during the MBSR course & new practices. The usual structure of the 60 minutes is to have two practices, with reflective time afterwards:

Body Scan
Mindfulness of breath
Mindfulness of sound
Mindful Walking
Mindful Movement (yoga-based mat exercises)
Mindful Movement (Qi Gong or Chi Kung)
3 Step Breathing Space