Relaxation Zone

Welcome to the Relaxation Zone!

My aim for this page is to connect you with professionals who create music and videos.

Although Mindfulness meditation can support you to feel calm and settled, the aim is not to ‘relax’.

However, Mindfulness can get you to the point of acknowledging when you need to relax and switch off. Art and music can be a useful way to do this. Fill your mind, body and soul with music!

My hope is that you might find some peace and tranquility within these pieces of music and videos.

Please share this work far and wide. The world needs needs to see and hear this incredible talent!

If you personally know anyone who creates and produces work that would be suitable for the Relaxation Zone and would like to be added to this page, please send them my way!

Thank you and enjoy – with an appreciative heart.

Now Available on Spotify!…
‘Love’s Reflections’ is from my latest album “Love’s Reflections”
@amazonmp3… Composed by Richard Maddock Photography: Bill Gable
‘Hearts Unfolding’ Composed by Richard Maddock from the album “Love’s Reflections” Available @iTunes…
Video filmed by Richard Maddock
This video was filmed and produced by Andy Scott of photohello.
The music was by Kath de la Harpe.
Music by Ravi Shankar

Music by Phil Worth.