TLC – Tender Loving Care (Practical)

We all need it but do you allow yourself to think ‘out of the box’ or, when you look at the infographic below, do you only see the words “Loving” and “Care” and equate that to being soft and your brain switches off?

TLC is offering ourselves alternative ways of thinking and doing. New perspectives and approaches that may be useful, particularly whilst we are navigating our way through this Global Pandemic of Coronavirus, Covid19.

Life was tough, stressful and challenging before lock down. Now, we have layers of newly presented challenges.

Knowing that there are alternative ways of approaching tasks and situations can help us to manage the situation differently and perhaps to better manage ourselves.

Try offering yourself some TLC and see what happens. Below are a few suggestions for how you could change things up in a practical way.

Are you structured or unstructured in your approach?